Preview of Follow by Anns' SS2016 Collection "Denim & Shirt Mood"

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New collection successfully introduced withing Lviv Fashion Week's OFF SCHEDULE and LFW Showroom Program. It consist of two main parts – skirts and sporty denim and polyester clothes.


Skirts are the right decision for any occasions, they can help to make right image – you just need to "play" a bit with accessories.


Besides, our clients lover shirts more than any other silhouettes. They are an ideal canvas for creativity – they can be decorated by absolutely various, even unexpected elements. In our case the colourful zippers reflects bright and playful mood in anticipation of summer.


The second part of a collection has a sporty character which will please vigorous and ambitious girls who are considerate to themselves and attentive to their wardrobe, but at the same time tempo of their life assumes that clothes have to be comfortable and dispose to dynamics.


For the new collection we chose a few clear, light and bright tones. They perfectly reflect our mood in anticipation of summer.


Mostly the palette has been dictated by institute of Pantone color, however we have preferred not toconcentrate only in seasonal recommended colors, having added unexpected and contrast details.